十大赌博靠谱网络平台之声 播客采访十大赌博靠谱网络平台校友和威廉 & 玛丽管理员,丹妮塔·特里斯.

Happy black woman with blue blazer in an office setting, smiling at the cameraFrom a student struggling to have the means and self-confidence to complete college, 担任William的项目和运营总监 & 玛丽, 十大赌博靠谱网络平台明矾, 丹尼塔·特里斯强调自信的重要性, 开车, 利用现有资源. She recently served as the Keynote Speaker for the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society International induction ceremony.

雷诺: 欢迎来到 十大赌博靠谱网络平台之声, I’m Marianne McGhee this is our podcast celebrating the colleges 50th Anniversary and we have some of the most fantastic alumni in the Commonwealth right here in Richmond. A lot of our alumni as you may know of tend to stay local and we were really excited to get Dannita Trice here today. 我们知道丹妮塔的职业生涯非常出色. 她现在在威廉大学 & 玛丽是一名管理员, 但幸运的是,她实际上是我们的邻居, so she was able to pop on over to the 巴咸道校园 and talk with me today.

Dannita,欢迎! 我们很高兴你能来.

Dannita: 谢谢你!. It is my honor to be here; thank you for having me. 今天的谈话让我很兴奋.

雷诺: 哦,我也是. 你已经建立了自己的事业, Dannita, as an administrator for some of the finest higher educational institutions in Virginia, 包括弗吉尼亚州, 联邦, 现在是威廉 & 玛丽. You were also a student recruiter at one of the biggest accounting firms in the region. 所以,你在寻找来自学校的人才. What's interesting about your story is that it seems like there was a moment in your life when you weren't entirely sure about your own four-year college experience. You said you started at a four-year, and then you took a step back. 这是为什么??

Dannita: 是的,这就是我的历史. 我确实从一所四年制大学开始, 转到另一个, 然后我开始在十大赌博靠谱网络平台工作, 休息一下, 工作, 然后又回到十大赌博靠谱网络平台身边. I completed my associate’s degree, and then finally completed my four-year degree. 其实是我想要认清自己作为一个成年人的样子. 犯错误. 现在回想起来,也许我的做法会有所不同. 但总而言之,我为自己的经历感到高兴. Now I'm serving as the Director of Engagement and Operations at the Raymond A. 威廉大学梅森商学院 & 玛丽.

雷诺: 我们之前聊天的时候, 我们讨论了一下你的发展轨迹, 你说, “嗯, 你知道我要开始工作了.“很多学生都能完全理解这一点. You said an assistant principal told you, “You’ve got to go back to school; you’ve GOT to go back.当那个人对你说这句话时,你的第一个想法是什么?

Dannita: 我知道. 那绝对是我的想法. 我知道,我也想. 我当时可能没有看到完整的画面. 是的,我要潜入那里. 我确实在公立学校系统做过助教. The assistant principal at the time, at that particular school, saw something in me. I also happened to be working where I attended as an elementary school student, 我也认识那里的一些老师. 所以,我真的很感谢那个副校长. 也, coincidentally of all people my kindergarten teacher was still working at that school, 投资于我. They 投资于我 taking a couple of courses and also having books to come back to school. 所以回答你的问题,当然! 我的想法是,是的,我知道. I just don't really have a clear plan on how I'm going to get back into the classroom.

雷诺: 好吧, 你知道, it's so relatable because not everyone has it all sketched out once they're finishing up. 我很高兴你提到了投资. We have a scholarship program, and we have wonderful donors who invest in students. 学生们会说, 是的, 钱当然是很有帮助的, but it's also having someone believe in them that was as helpful as any of it. 只要知道有人在他们身边.

You came to Reynolds, and 你说, I love this quote from you, that it felt like a “big hug.当你找到十大赌博靠谱网络平台的时候. 告诉我们你是什么意思.

Dannita: 感觉就像一个大大的拥抱. The hug came from the services that were here and the professors being very willing to know that maybe the students didn't know the path that they were going on. Maybe they didn't have all the resources, one example, the bookstore. 我记得我来买书,有很多选择. 你可以选择直接购买这本书,也可以选择租一本书. I remember thinking to myself, wow, I don't have a lot of cash on hand. 是的,我有一些支持回来. It is really wonderful that you have an opportunity to borrow a book so that you can read and then return it. 所以,你不必完全没有.

也, the professors — I will say that they are some of the most quality professors that I have encountered in my tenure – and I have gone on to get my master’s degree, 也. So, being thorough in their instructional practices and being willing to help students and answer questions thoroughly rather than simply passing students off is what makes them outstanding.

雷诺: 听着,你有很多让我惊讶的地方. But we were chatting earlier about your experience with your calculus professor. You still think that you could do a calculus problem if it was put in front of you because he was such a terrific professor.

Dannita: I think the first three or four chapters I could probably get through. 实际上我辅导过学生微积分. So 是的, give me a few minutes to dust off, and I think I could do it. But 是的, Professor Adams was one of the best professors that I have ever had. 主要是微积分.

雷诺: It’s so fantastic to talk to alumni because they can name a professor that they just feel like either electrified or inspired them in a particular subject. 或许他们没有意识到自己有多聪明. Then they end up in a professor's class who tells them, “you're awesome! 是的,你能做到!” You may have to work hard or harder than others, but you certainly can! 我们的校友对教授有着美好的回忆.

I want to ask you, Dannita, because in your work advising students in your experience, as we wrap up. What advice do you have for our students who are listening to you today?

Dannita: 充分利用你面前的资源. 我会说,好吧,让我,让我倒回去. 我想说,最重要的是,从做决定开始. 从你有一个光明的未来这个决定开始. 它可能超越了你面前的东西. If you're willing to work for it and then too tap into those resources that I mentioned that are around you. 你可能不知道这是什么. But show up to one of the student services offices if you have to start with the person that helped you register for classes. 比如说,“这里有就业服务办公室吗?? 有顾问可以帮我做职业规划吗? 我们可以整天找借口, “我太忙了, 我有工作要做, 我有孩子, 我有X, 这里是Y, 这里是Z.“这些都是真的. 然而,你必须把自己放在第一位.

也, by tapping into or checking out the resources that you might have. 因为有时候你和, 没有, 进展, 不进步就是一味地问问题. So that you can get more information and begin to network and build up to what could be your future.

雷诺: 丹妮塔,太棒了! I also want to give a little shout-out to our PTK folks because Dannita was a PTK member. 当然,她也培养了自己的领导才能. 最美妙的事情是与他人分享. Dannita, you are a fantastic example of why 十大赌博靠谱网络平台社区学院 is such a wonderful resource and launchpad for people who are destined to be stars like you have become in your career trajectory.

所以,非常感谢你们的到来. Thanks everyone, for listening, and we will catch you on the next edition of these 十大赌博靠谱网络平台之声.